The 10 Emotions Of Power

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Tony Robbins continues to explain in his book Awaken The Giant Within what are the ten emotions of power.

Love and Warmth.

Consistent expression of love is able to melt almost any negative emotions. All communication is either a loving response or a cry for help.

Appreciation and Gratitude.

Living in this emotional state will enhance your life more than anything. Cultivating these emotions is cultivating life. Appreciate the gifts life has given you.


Learn how to be as curious as a child and you will grow your life exponentially. Curiosity cures boredom. Cultivate curiosity and life becomes an unending study of joy.

Excitement and Passion.

These emotions can add juice to anything. They give you the power to move our lives forward at a faster tempo than ever before.

We feel these emotions by making the decision and commanding them to show up. Use your physiology: speak louder, move and think faster, breath stronger, stand taller.


This emotion will help you create lasting value in this world. It will dictate how you deal with upsets, challenges, and disappointments. It means the difference between being stuck and being struck with the lightning power of commitment.

If you want to get things done, you wont do it by “pushing yourself”, but you will accomplish anything if you put yourself in a state of determination.


The ability to change your approach and shift your focus when needed is powerful. Negative Emotions which are really Actions Signals are really just messages calling you to be more flexible.


This emotion will give you certainty. When you are confident you are willing to experiment and put yourself on the line. You cultivate this emotion by having faith and by doing. The more you do something, the more confident you feel about it.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Repeat an empowering habit until it becomes automatic.


This emotion can eliminate feelings of fear, hurt, anger, frustration, disappointment, depression, and guilt. This emotion enhances your self-seem, makes life more fun, and makes people around you feel happier as well.


This emotion comes from taking care of your body, cultivating health and energy, eating properly, exercising, and sleeping enough.


The secret to living is giving. This does not mean contributing to others at your own expense. It means creating value and focusing on something outside and greater than yourself.

Let’s compare Actions Signals with Emotions of Power:

The Ten Action Signals The Ten Emotions Of Power
Discomfort Love and Warmth
Fear Appreciation and Gratitude
Hurt Curiosity
Anger Excitement and Passion
Frustration Determination
Disappointment Flexibility
Guilt Confidence
Inadequacy Cheerfulness
Overload and Overwhelm Vitality
Loneliness Contribution

Use Emotions of Power as antidote to Negative Emotions (Action Signals).

Plant and cultivate these emotions daily.

Learn more about Tony Robbins on his website

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