The Worst Food For Your Health

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What is health?

is it the absence of illness? complete vitality, energy, and power?

What is the worst food for your health?


Sugar is everywhere and it is very hard to avoid sugar unless you consciously make an effort to stay away from it.

Why is it everywhere?

Because it is addictive and it sells well.

Why is Sugar bad? 

It makes you retain fat and create an environment for disease.

How do I know what I can eat?

Learn how to read and understand food labels, nutrition facts, and ingredients lists.

What should I look for in the food labels?

Ingredients are organized by law in order of quantity, so make sure sugar or wheat flour are not the first ones listed.

Check for bad carbohydrates and sugar grams per serving, you should not be eating more than 15-20 grams of bad carbohydrates/sugar a day.

What is a bad carbohydrate?

Processed (also called simple) carbs such as: white rice, wheat flour, pasta, sugar, juices, sodas, cookies, pies, cereals.

What is a good carbohydrate?

Unprocessed (also called complex) carbs such as: whole grains, vegetables, nuts, beans, oats, fiber rich whole fruits.

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