10 Brutal Truths People Don’t Want to Hear

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1.We are not born equal

We do not live in a perfect world, depending on where you end up being born your life could be conditioned to be a certain way, maybe you are born into money or maybe you are born poor, you might have been born in a country where there are no opportunities, the odds will vary, but ultimately it is up to you to decide if you stay there or find a way out.

2. Emotions can’t control you

The world we live in today does not care about your emotions. They need to be controlled and directed to help you accomplish your outcomes. You have a choice on how you react to events and if you react emotionally, you will fail most of the time.

3. Appearances are important

The world judges based on appearances, this is part of the game of life. Humans prefer other humans who appear upgraded, up to date, clean, and smart. If you like to portray the opposite and don’t take yourself seriously then others wont either. Appearing outdated, old school, dirty, and careless will create negative impressions on others and you will be treated unfairly. Play the game right and understand the rules.

3. You are not defined by what you have

Money magnifies who you really are. If you are a poor asshole and you suddenly get a lot of money, then you will just be a bigger asshole with money now. Identifying yourself with what you have, how you look, what you believe is pointless, you are more than any of that. Build and design yourself to be the best you can be and to have the best impact you can have. You are not defined by what you have, how you behave, or how you describe yourself. You are defined by your consistent actions and the value you add to others.

4. If you are not growing, you are dying

In the world we live today it is very easy to get trapped into a loop where you feel certain and comfortable, but before you know it a decade could have gone by without realizing that you stopped living and just settled for how things were. You lost passion, interest, hunger, and became mediocre and complacent.

5. Knowing and doing are not the same thing

Most people know what they should do, but only a few actually do what they know. Knowledge is potential power, but execution is real power. Ask yourself, what things do I know I should be doing that I am not acting on? Talk is cheap, and the world rewards those who get things done. Take massive action.

6. We all wear masks

How do you behave around different people? Do you present yourself in a different way depending on the situation? Have you lost things in common with people who once used to be your friends? Can you explain why you are the way you are? What things are important to you right now and what things used to be important that now changed? Who will you be if there wasn’t any consequence, rules, or judgments?

7. The past does not equal the future

Learning is the only way to get out of a situation you do not like. If you don’t like your financial situation, your life, your relationships, your job, your friends, your emotions then you need to learn before you can change your life conditions, otherwise you will automatically follow the same pre-conditioned patterns and your future will equal your past.

8. Being busy doesn’t mean progress

People like to present themselves busy as an excuse to be there for others or do things for themselves. It is like a badge of honor and life has become a competition about who is busier. But ask yourself what are you busy about? What have you accomplished by being “that” busy or is it just a story you like to tell to portray yourself in a particular way? Have you taken the time to question the way you spend your time and address what is really important?

9. You and everyone you know will die

This is a reality check. Do not take anyone for granted. Holding grudges and break important relationships for stupid differences, money, pride, or expectations that are not met will only result on regret when these people die. Imagine that someone important who you have not spoken for a long time due to whatever dies today. How would you feel? Would you have liked to put the past behind and move forward or just be too stubborn to forgive?

10.  You don’t matter

You are a tiny organism on a gigantic rock floating on space. You are not special. Most people in this planet do not even know that you exist except for the counts of total populations equaling billions. You are a microscopic dot in the grand schema of the universe. Do not take things so seriously, but take them seriously enough to leave the best grain of contribution you can. At the same time, you are the universe, so make it outstanding.

Bonus: Fulfillment comes from what you do for others

The secret to living is giving.

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