Mindset by Carol Dweck (Book Summary)

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Our mindset influences whether we believe we can learn or not.

Your beliefs determine if you can accomplish something or not, and those beliefs are generated from your mindset.

People with a fixed mindset believe that you are born naturally with some particular skills and not others. Their black and white way of thinking holds them back from what they are truly capable and they do not embrace change and feel no control over their own life.

People with a growth mindset on the other hand, believe that anything can be learned if they try hard enough. They see their life as constant evolution and change, which they are in control of. Growth and development are possible.

A person’s abilities are set in stone for someone with a fix mindset, people are either intelligent or stupid. Practice will not matter, and if they fail at something once, they quit to never try it again. Since they are quick to judge whether someone or themselves is good at something or not, they live in constant fear of being judged and they constantly judge others. Therefore, they try to show what they are good at each chance they get so their egos can be protected. They are constantly seeking approval.

Growth and development are the focus for someone with a growth mindset. They seek to learn, improve, fall down and stand up, and have an insatiable hunger to always be curious and know more. They encourage others to learn as well. They understand that the more they know, the more valuable they are and this alone gives them satisfaction and purpose.

People with a fixed mindset do not believe they can learn from their mistakes. They see failure as a disaster and their confidence is easily destroyed. In order to preserve their confidence, they will make excuses, blame others, cheat, or lose interest. They do not analyze their weaknesses or try to improve.

On the other hand, people with growth mindset see failures as opportunities. They transform defeats into victories by not giving up, redefining their approach, and overcoming their shortcomings.

People with a fixed mindset avoid difficulties. They do not question their own talent and do not take risks. People with a growth mindset embraces difficulties and take big risks, they question their talent, and they re-invent themselves each chance they get in order to become better.

Mindset is often influenced by role models we had as children. They set a mindset example. For example, parents with a growth mindset encourage their children and urge them to continue learning, and those with fixed mindsets, are always judging them, telling them what is wrong or right, good or bad. Teachers also play a big role into the mindset we develop as a child. But our mindset is never entirely predetermined, even though it can be influenced, we always have control over it.

Nobody has to be a victim of their surroundings. The brain can be trained like any other muscle. We can use fixed or growth mindset approaches to certain situations as we prefer when we are in control, but it is a growth mindset what brings they key to self fulfillment

The impossible can be made possible.

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