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The Four Levels Of Mastery

Unconscious Incompetence. The first level of mastery refers to when you are completely incompetent at a skill and don’t know anything about it, so you do not even bother. For example, I have never played soccer, so that makes me unconsciously incompetent because I just don’t know how to play, period. Conscious Incompetence. The second

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How To Get Out Of Depression

Depression is a form of suffering that typically is referred to as a type of mental illness. The reality is that depression is a state of helplessness created by self-doubt, focusing too much on ourselves, low self-esteem, low confidence, and becoming a victim of life’s circumstances.  Let’s begin with describing what happiness is. We are happy

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The 10 Emotions Of Power

Tony Robbins continues to explain in his book Awaken The Giant Within what are the ten emotions of power. Love and Warmth. Consistent expression of love is able to melt almost any negative emotions. All communication is either a loving response or a cry for help. Appreciation and Gratitude. Living in this emotional state will enhance

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