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Is The Mind An Enemy?

The mind has been long associated with the source of problems when it comes to psychology, habits, emotions, and health among others. But is the mind really at fault? In my view, the mind is a technology and as such, it is resource. This technology is powered by a set of programming that runs it,

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The 10 Emotions Of Power

Tony Robbins continues to explain in his book Awaken The Giant Within what are the ten emotions of power. Love and Warmth. Consistent expression of love is able to melt almost any negative emotions. All communication is either a loving response or a cry for help. Appreciation and Gratitude. Living in this emotional state will enhance

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Negative Emotions – Action Signals

Tony Robbins refers to negative emotions as “Action Signals”.  Every negative emotion has a message or call to action it’s trying to give you. Here are the 10 Action Signals from Tony Robbin’s book Awaken The Giant Within: 1. Discomfort These emotions do not have great intensity and are annoying. Message: This emotion might be telling you

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