Six Steps to Emotional Mastery

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Tony Robbins details six steps to Emotional Mastery in his classic book Awaken The Giant Within.

These steps can be taken whenever we feel painful emotions to break our limiting patterns.

Step 1: Identity What You Are Really Feeling.

Many times people feel attacked by their emotions, but the trick is in separating yourself from the overwhelm caused by the emotion, and evaluate what the emotion might really be telling you.

This process starts by identifying what you are really feeling and begin to question your emotions.

What am I feeling? Why? What does it mean?

Step 2: Acknowledge And Appreciate Your Emotions.

Be thankful that your brain is sending you a signal in the form of an emotion about an action you need to take.

Do not make your emotions wrong. Instead, accept them and pay attention to them.

Step 3: Get Curious About The Message Being Offered.

Getting curious will help you master your emotions, solve the challenge, and prevent the same problem from occurring again.

What is this emotion offering me? What do I need to do?

What do I really want to feel? What can I learn from this?

Step 4: Get Confident.

Get confident that you can handle this emotion. Remember a time when you felt a similar emotion and realize that you’ve successfully handled it before.

What did you do back then? Did you change your focus?

What questions did you ask yourself? What actions did you take?

Step 5: Get Certain You Can Handle This Today And In The Future.

Create a plan that gives you certainty about how to handle this emotion. Remember ways you’ve handled this in the past and anticipate how you would handle certain Action Signals in the future.

See and feel yourself handling these emotions easily and come up with a few ways that you can change your perception of the event.

Step 6: Get Excited And Take Action

Get excited about the fact that you can easily handle this emotion and take some action right away to prove it.

Don’t stay stuck in the limiting emotions you’re having and recognize that you have control over what you feel.

See Blog Post: Negative Emotions – Actions Signals for a guided map of what emotions mean, their message, and solutions.

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1 comments on “Six Steps to Emotional Mastery”

  1. Burying emotions can be so dangerous! These are some great steps to master them and make them work for you. I think many times the emotion that needs mitigated using these steps is fear! Fear can sometimes be confusing, but once you find the source of it you glean some profound insights about yourself! Great post, thank you for sharing this!


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